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Shot Blasting is our preferred method of metal surface preparation for painting. This process involves the controlled blasting of the item with abrasive material in order to remove any current finishes and coatings while also removing any corrosion or contamination such as rust. This process not only removes coatings but leaves the item’s surface slightly abraded meaning coatings can be applied much more effectively, resulting in a superior finish.


Our bead blasting facilities are perfect for more delicate non-ferrous parts. Bead blasting uses glass abrasive which results in a satin sheen that does not require coating. This process is perfect for cleaning parts without changing the surface finish and is commonly used for engine parts.


As a prolific investor in new technologies we are always searching for innovative ways in which to reduce turnaround times and environmental impact, improve quality and overall efficiency. The latest addition to our arsenal is a state-of-the-art phosphate machine that allows us to reduce preparation times and offer increased protection to finished parts. By utilising the very latest technology we ensure that you receive the best service and unparalleled quality.


At BettaBlast we use only the finest blasting material to ensure the best possible finish. As we use a much finer abrasive compared to the more traditional heavy coarse abrasive we can ensure the same excellent finish with both delicate and larger items. We clean metal surfaces to absolute perfection before repainting. All of our work, wether for commercial or domestic clients, is carried out to the minimum specification of SA 2.5 (BS 7079) or higher. It is because of our uncompromising attention  to detail and quality that we are the first choice for many contractors and domestic customers across the North East and even further.


Our in-house facilities include two large blast rooms that are comprehensive enough to accommodate almost any job and our facilities are suitable for most metal surfaces.